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reinventing game mechanics that no one asked for

Hi, my name is Mads!

In 2016 I started making games with my brother on Newgrounds.
My journey started with Flash and then Haxe, Game Maker, Unity and now I'm working with Godot.
I was born in Bulgaria, but currently live in Den Bosch, the Netherlands.
Growing up playing Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Blizzard games on PC inspired me to pursue game development. I didn't have an opportunity to attend university so I picked up programming in my free time, therefore I'm completely self-taught.
The way I look at game design is always trying to reinvent a game mechanic for better or worse.

My Games

Every game I actually finished

The Pulse of Evil

I worked on this game for two months in 2023, April and May. I made it together with Miroko, Yeramia and David Chasley. It's a horror game where the player will struggle with their inventory and it adds tension to the gameplay.

where I reinvent game mechanics that no one asked for


In 2020 my brother and I decided to make a short metroidvania in few months. We actually made it in four months and had few months to spare on marketing, but we didn't.
It was my first steam game and it will always hold a special place in my cynical heart.


This was my first Godot game. I just wanted to explore the engine with a simple game and this was the perfect opportunity.It's Jump King but with a cat and a trashcan. I completely made the art alone and I had help from Connor and my brother's beautiful voice.

Tooth Toss

This was my Ludum Dare 48 entry.
So the idea was that you have this giant sword that you can throw around but you can't walk with.
It was my first time working with a larger team. I took the role of lead designer and programmer.
Team was Sevi, Yeramia, Karleston, Connor and Jumbs
This was super stressful since most of the team was not on my time zone, but it was fun!


Some stuff I made over the years, but never got around finishing.

Photo Builder

The hands-on Inventory

Soul Catcher

Red Dog

Floating Planets

Snake Train

Physics Snake 2D

Stage Archer

Butting Cars


Fridge Delivery


Snake King

some random ideas...

Honk of Heroes

Join forces with your friends in Honk of Heroes, a multiplayer coop dungeon crawler where
everyone plays a special role.
Be the tank, the shield of the group, protect your friends from harm.
Be the damage dealer, your task is to defeat every enemy in the group’s path.
Be the healer, keep your group alive and in fighting shape.
Work together to level up, solve tricky puzzles, avoid deadly traps and defeat clever
It's all about teamwork and having a blast in this quirky journey through dungeons filled
with laughter, honks, and unexpected twists!
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